Based out of Denver, Colorado, our customers come from all over the map, as we’re your top custom painting specialists in the entire state. John May Custom Painting has a reputation of working on high-end cars such as BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, Austin Martin, etc. In the 37 years we’ve been in this business, customers have come to expect new car finishes that shine like glass, when they ask for a show paint job.

After 37 years of turning average automotive paint jobs into neck-breaking showpieces, John drew on his experience to breathe a street-rod-inspired new life into a home kitchen, turning a 1960’s food den into a welcoming cantina while taking notes from the many high-end cars he’s finished. Using premium top shelf automotive primers, paints and time-tested hand-finishing methods, John can add an inviting modernized touch to your culinary mecca in your home. Everything from wooden cabinets and drawers to appliances are prime candidates for a showcar-quality finish in any color scheme you could possibly want, but we aren’t stopping there. Thanks to Doc, our master airbrush artist, you can have any portrait or picture skillfully added to any paintable surface in your kitchen. With 25 years of perfecting his craft, Doc can add any artwork you want to your piece, and can work from a photograph, or create a custom portrait that is guaranteed to exceed your wildest expectations. Contact us today to plan your kitchen makeover.

Custom Vehicle Detailing
Finishes that shine Like Glass
Photo-Realism Styles
  • Custom painting, if you want some artwork to add your new paint job.
  • Rock and roll painting.
  • Photo-realism, if you’d like someone’s portrait or a landscape on your car or motorcycle. We have one of the best guys in the business that does this work.

Aside from show painting and artwork, we do:

  • Collision work: Any kind of insurance work needed, resulting from collisions. Some of the most common are:
    • Front
    • Rear
    • Side
  • Motorcycle collision work and spot repair work: It not just your car that is susceptible to accidents unfortunately. So, bring us your motorcycle too. We do everything at John May Custom Painting.