“he had people asking him to work on their cars…”
Having begun his career in the grocery business, John May never expected to fall into the field of custom painting and detailing for automobiles. While working in the business, a younger version of his current outgoing self, a friend’s father gave him one to two hours of instruction on re-finishing a Corvette. John liked it and did a spot repair on his car. A year later, he re-did the whole car. After his first attempt on his own car, he already had people asking him to work on their cars. John quickly stepped into the field, recognizing an ambition: he wanted to be one of the best painters in town. He was eighteen at the time. Today, he’s 57. With 37 years of experience, he is among the most qualified painters in all of Colorado.
When John shows up at car shows, with his cars in tow, people often stop and gawk. Some even say it’s the nicest paint job they’ve ever seen. But, even so, John strives to make sure every client is satisfied. He asks every client if he/ she is happy at the completion of each car. Most are astounded, and admit it exceeds their expectations.

In addition to the work he does, John loves the people he’s met over the years. “You get to meet these incredibly nice, gracious guys” he says. “It’s just amazing.” Many of his customers have become long-time loyal friends.