John May Custom Paint specializes in car detailing.
We’re renowned in Colorado and surrounding area for the flawless work we produce.

  • We’ll turn any paint job into a show paint job, whether you just bought the car off the lot or had someone else do it
  • We’re meticulous in every aspect of our work: we’re know you’re picky about who you allow to handle your car but you can trust us to treat your vehicle with the care it deserves


  • We’ll repair road rash (chips in your paint) and blend the front ends
    • Owners of high-end cars (BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, etc.) love us because we beautify their high-end vehicles
  • Offer labour-intensive work
  • There’s a day and night difference between a show paint job and the normal, stock one
  • Even on dark paint, we don’t leave a swirl!